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Features :

  • Pleated heat-seal roll expands to fit extra large items

FoodSaver Expandable Heat Seal Rolls
11-inch pleated heat-seal rolls for vacuum sealing extra-large items. view larger
Airtight seal
Ideal for casserole dishes, roasts, pies--even a whole turkey up to 23 pounds. view larger
Expands up to 14 inches
Expands up to 14 inches to accommodate extra-bulky items. view larger
Ideal for large items
Creates an air-tight barrier around foods, which prevents spoilage and freezer burn. view larger
BPA-free material
BPA-free multi-layer material with special air-removal channels for a complete air-tight seal. view larger
Works with FoodSaver heat-seal vacuum sealing systems
Works with FoodSaver heat-seal vacuum sealing systems.
Keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer

FoodSaver Expandable Rolls

Customizable Bags Expand up to 14 Inches

FoodSaver's revolutionary expandable bag is the ultimate solution to your extra-large food-storage needs. Now you can store things you never could before like large casserole dishes, savory roasts, homemade pies, and more.

The 11-inch by 16-foot heat-seal rolls help you to create custom-sized bags of any length, so you only use exactly what you need. Built-in side pleats allow the 11-inch-wide bag to expand up to 14 inches high, easily accommodating large cuts of meat, roasts, and more, effortlessly.

Vacuum seal foods prepared ahead of time, then cook and serve without sacrificing freshness. You can even transport dishes right in their pan with no mess or fuss.

Creates an Air-Tight Seal

To use, simply measure out the amount of material needed, seal one end using a FoodSaver heat-seal vacuum sealing system (sold separately), add food to the bag, insert the open end in the machine, and it takes care of the rest, removing all the air before using heat to create an airtight seal.

The FoodSaver bags feature a unique multi-layer BPA-free material with specially designed channels that allow for the complete removal of air. By removing all of the air inside the bag and creating an air-tight barrier around foods, the durable bag material effectively prevents stored items from getting freezer burned. The reliable material locks in freshness and prevents freezer burn and spoilage.

Keeps Food Fresh up to 5x Longer -- Save up to $2700 a Year

As always, the FoodSaver system keeps your food fresh up to five times longer compared to other storage methods (like zipper bags, foil, plastic wrap and containers) and helps you save up to $2700 a year by buying food in bulk, purchasing on-sale food items, and not having to worry about freezer burn or wasted food.

About FoodSaver

FoodSaver provides a range of vacuum sealing systems and an array of useful accessories like containers, jar sealers, and wine-bottle stoppers, as well as pre-cut freezer bags and rolls of bag material for creating custom-size bags. An effective and convenient food-storage solution, FoodSaver not only helps people save time, money, and food, but it also helps keep kitchens running smoothly and efficiently--perfect for busy families or for those who love to entertain.

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FoodSaver Bags and Rolls Comparison

Bags & Rolls

Heat-Seal Bags & Rolls

Portion Pouch

Portion Pouch

Liquid Block

Liquid Block



Available size(s) 8" and 11" Rolls; Pint-, Quart- and Gallon-Size Bags 11" Roll Quart-Size Bags 11" Roll
Keeps food fresh up to 5x longer*
Prevents freezer burn
Perforated center seam for customized food prep and storage
Time-saving solution; seal 2 bags at once
Ideal for creating individualized portions
Liquid block strip traps moisture
Great for moist foods
Ideal for fresh meats and fish
Side pleats for easy storage of large items
Time-saving solution: no need to cut up large pieces of meat or food
Ideal for larger roasts, whole turkeys, casseroles, pies, and more

* than ordinary storage methods.

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