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Features :

  • Artists and musicians will be fascinated by its sonic and visual thrills

Send your mind and imagination spinning into endless fascination! Essentially, the Euler's Disk is a chrome plated steel disk that is a half inch thick, three inches wide, and features one edge that is carefully machined to a smooth radius. You can decorate the disk with the nine pieces of magnetized holographic foil, but... The fun doesn't truly begin until you combine the disk with the included concave mirror base. Spin the disk like a coin atop the mirror, sit back, and watch. It begins as a neat display of dancing light. But then, pretty soon the disk begins to speed up, faster and faster, creating a ceaselessly crescendoing hum. Sonic magic, visual wonder - You'll be convinced it'll never stop spolling! (Spolling = Spinning + Rolling) Heighten the fun by using the magnetic pieces as arrows and placing decisions around the mirror. Shine a flashlight on the disk as it spolls to enhance the light-reflecting excitement. It's even great in the classroom for teaching kids about kinetic and potential energy! Simple, yet powerfully fascinating and enlightening, the Euler's Disk is a beautiful experience everyone in the family will enjoy. Euler's Disk Large metal disk that spins seemingly ceaselessly atop a concave mirror Encourages visual stimulation, curiosity, an interest in physics Simple yet powerfully fascinating and enlightening Scientists and students will be fascinated by science in action Artists and musicians will be fascinated by its sonic and visual thrills Executives and everyone else will be fascinated by its kinetic action Add arrows to turn it into a decision maker Disk can spin for up to 3 minutes! Includes chrome-plated steel disk, concave mirror base, 9 holographic magnet pieces for decorating disk Detailed instructions and explanations included High quality design and materials for lasting durability, exceptional disk-spinning experience

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