Buy D’Addario Accessories Humidipak Two-Way Humidification System – Automatically Adjusts to Maintain Constant 45% Relative Humidity Level Within Guitar Case – Protects Instrument from Humidity Damage

Brand:D'Addario Accessories
Manufacturer:D'Addario &Co. Inc

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Features :

  • TWO-WAY HUMIDITY CONTROL - D'Addario Accessories Humidipak Two-Way Humidification System is the only maintenance-free two-way humidity control system for guitars. It automatically maintains the optimal 45-50% relative humidity level within your instrument case by adding or depleting moisture as necessary.

Protect your instrument investment with the D’Addario Accessories Humidipak Two-Way Humidification System. The D'Addario Humidipak System is the only maintenance free, two-way humidity system for guitars. By adding or removing moisture on demand the Humidification Control System automatically maintains the optimal 45-50% relative humidity level within a sealed environment (your instrument case) — the ideal climate for wooden instruments. The technology behind this product eliminates humidity concerns regarding seasonal changes, geographic location, temperature, or other factors without any guesswork or mess from refilling the humidifier. The Two-Way Humidification System is a necessity to maintain the stability and playability of your instrument. It is essential to humidify all wooden instruments. Lack of humidity can cause warping, cracks and other serious damage. The D’Addario Humidipak System includes everything you need to protect your instrument and prevent it from drying out. Simply place two Humidipak packets in the included soundhole pouch and one packet in the included headstock pouch. Hang the soundhole pouch inside the guitar between the two middle (G and D) strings. Lay the headstock pouch in the top compartment of the case under your guitar’s headstock. Close the case and you’re done! No water, no drips, no mess, nothing to maintain. The packets last 2-6 months and then you simply discard and replace them with the three refills that come in the Humidipak Replacement Pack. For over 20 years, D’Addario has been leading the industry in innovative and problem-solving products that serve musicians worldwide. D’Addario Accessories are proudly made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry. The D’Addario family’s heart, soul and love for making music is put into every accessory we create, and we never stop inspiring performance. Note: Humidipak is designed for restoring and maintaining instrument humidity. This product is not intended for de-humidification in high humidity environments.

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