Buy CORAL LLC Coral White Toothpaste Mint Flavor 6 Ounce Tube

Category:Health and Beauty
Brand:Coral LLC
Manufacturer:CORAL LLC

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Features :

  • Coral White Mint Toothpaste contains NO FLUORIDE and NO SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE

Our coral is all-natural from the Caribbean.

We only use environmentally-friendly harvesting practices

We only use above-sea EcoSafe coral minerals, which are not subjected to underwater or industrial pollution

With the combination ingredients including echinacea, golden seal, ginkgo biloba. and 15% xylitol coral is much more then a toothpaste.It's refreshingly gentle and immaculately clean.

Coral LLC developed the first-ever coral based toothpaste, utilizing coral to help restore, clean and whiten teeth.

One key to healthy teeth is to maintain proper oral alkalinity and mineralization. Coral White Mint is formulated with EcoSafeTM ionic coral minerals an effective toothpaste for cavity protection, whitening teeth, freshening breath and shifting the pH of the mouth.

Another reason this product works so well is that of the unique whole food mineral complex from coral minerals along with xylitol. Coral white mint toothpaste may help to re-mineralize tooth enamel. Coral toothpaste contains Bio-Available Coral Calcium and more than 70 trace minerals. We know you will love the refreshing white mint flavor!

NO FLUORIDE, NO SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE which, means you can accidentally swallow this toothpaste with NO HARMFUL effects.

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